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If you’re struggling to kick goals this year, maybe it’s time to take some advice from noted productivity guru Jerry Seinfeld.


Hey, wait a second. Wait a second. Isn’t he a comedian?


Don’t break the chain


Jerry Seinfeld attributes his success to his “Don’t break the chain” productivity hack. When he set up this method, Jerry’s goal was to write more, new comedic material. How did he achieve his goal?:


  • At the start of each year, Seinfeld stuck a huge calendar to the wall in his office
  • On each day that he took actions towards achieving his goals, he marked the date on the calendar with a huge red ‘X’
  • Drawing a huge red X each day became so much fun and was so rewarding that Jerry kept going with his goal and stayed focused on creating a chain of Xs across his calendar
  • Jerry didn’t want to break the chain!


When you take small steps each day towards achieving your goals, and you can see the progress you are making (the red Xs on the calendar help with this), it’s easier to stay motivated and to just keep going.


So, remember: don’t break the chain and you will be shouting “That’s gold, Jerry!” as you stack up your successes.


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