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To kick goals at work you need to do some preparation first; it’s time to go back to sleep!


Research released by the A Future That Works campaign highlights the link between getting 8 of hours sleep and being more productive at work.


As covered in the Workplace Wellbeing report, the research found:


  •  54% of workers are not getting enough quality sleep
  •  83% of workers who are getting enough sleep are more satisfied with their physical wellbeing


What are the impacts of sleep on work?


  •  82% of workers who are getting enough sleep are more satisfied with their job
  •  37% of dissatisfied sleepers said they were either extremely or very stressed about work
  •  Workers who do not get enough sleep are more likely to look for a new job in the next 12 months


Support your staff to get the rest they need for success


Workplaces can play a role in helping their staff to get enough rest. Here are some tips to support your team to get the sleep they need, so they wake up ready for a successful day:


  •  Ensure staff workloads are manageable and that expectations are reasonable
  •  Keep a watch on overtime hours; long hours at work can minimise people’s sleep time
  •  Discourage staff from checking emails or doing work at home after hours


Get help to get to sleep


Did you know that the Converge International EAP can help with advice around managing fatigue and improving sleep? Get advice around getting rest by calling 1300 OUR EAP (1300 687 327).



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