Random acts of kindness...At work?

Random acts of work?

Have you heard of Feel Good February?


The idea behind the campaign is to encourage people to carry out “good deeds and random acts of kindness” to spread happiness around.


We’re half way through February and maybe you have been participating in Feel Good February, or maybe not... but why just share the good vibes in the last month of Summer?


How can you put smiles on the faces of your teammates?


What are some random acts of kindness (or RAKs as they are called around the web) you can carry out at work? Here are some ideas:


  • Surprise a coworker with a cup of coffee just before three thirty-itis hits
  • Leave a small sweet treat on a teammate’s desk on Friday afternoon so they have a happy start to their work day the next week
  • Offer to stay late or come in early to help a coworker get through a difficult project or task
  • Share positive, encouraging feedback about your teammates
  • Put up your hand to mentor a junior staff member or a new worker
  • We’re sure you can come up with plenty more…

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