Recognising Australia’s leaders in health and wellbeing

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Converge International is excited to be part of this year’s Australian HR Awards. The award winners were announced at a gala dinner in Sydney on Friday, 7 September.


This year Converge International sponsored the award for Australia’s “Best Health & Wellbeing Program”.


The Australian HR Award for the Best Health & Wellbeing Program recognised:

“ Excellence and innovation in workplace health and wellbeing programs and initiatives.”


The winner of this year’s award was Commonwealth Bank of Australia


Other awards presented on the night recognised individuals and organisations making a significant contribution to Australia’s human resources industry.


Recognising Australia’s leaders in health and wellbeing


“Health & Wellbeing” has moved beyond being a catchphrase; Converge International works with organisations across Australia, in a range of industries, which recognise the importance of physical and mental health for their employees.


We have also partnered with the afuturethatworks campaign to explore the changing nature of Australian workplaces and the centrality of employee wellbeing in shaping the future of work.


Research by afuturethatworks shows that only 40% of workers believe that employers understand how to improve wellbeing in the workplace. Recognising leaders in this space helps to provide inspiration and ideas to other organisations looking to support the mental and physical health of their staff.

You can find out more about the Australian HR Awards by visiting their website.


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