5 trends harming your relationships

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In its report, Renewing Australian Workplaces, Reventure, Converge International’s research partner, identified the forces driving change in our workplaces and negatively impacting on our relationships:


Open planned offices impact on connection.


In open planned offices employees can feel as though their activities are being observed. This can lead to people spending less time building connections with others.


Productivity first cultures shift the emphasis away from relationships.


A productivity focused culture can detract from staff taking the time to get to know one another and from building connected relationships.


The emergence of “Knowledge Workers”.


Organisations are employing more staff on short contracts, and these workers bring specific knowledge and skill sets to contained projects; once the project ends, these new staff move on to a different job. This pattern of work leaves little time for people to build meaningful relationships.


Technology and remote work are changing the concept of a team.


New technologies at work and the expansion of remote working mean staff in the same organisation may not physically meet members of their own team. This leads to a lack of personal connections between staff, which makes it more difficult to build and maintain positive workplace relationships.


Time, economic and social pressures are also impacting on the quality of our relationships.


Longer working hours can have a significant impact on our relationships; the Renewing Australian Workplaces report states: “For some, the drive to climb the corporate ladder to the top can lead to (people) neglecting other aspects of their lives, including their relationships”.


Experiencing relationship strain?


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