UN International Human Solidarity Day

Hands coming together in solidarity

The 20 December is the UN’s International Human Solidarity Day, initiated by the Millennium Declaration’s recognition of solidarity as a fundamental value for international relations. Solidarity reaches out to those who benefit the most, so we can protect and support those whose socio-economic circumstances mean that they either suffer or benefit the least.


You can show solidarity can be shown in your workplace by:


- Engaging in positive cross-cultural communication.

Helping someone, even if they’re not from your team, this shows that you are willing to adapt yourself to assist another.

- Using empathic communication: which is expressing to the other person your understanding of their feelings. This can show the other person that you are reaching out.


Otherwise, why not host a solidarity day event in your workplace? This doesn’t have to cost, solidarity encompasses sharing and fairly distributing burden. You and team could discuss ways you can help people by making simple changes to your routine. Building a culture of solidarity will go far to eliminating poverty.


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