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Compliments are more than kind words, they are a vehicle for validation.


Both sharing and receiving compliments play a role in building a healthy and happy workplace.


Today is World Compliment Day


Just like you shouldn’t only tell your Mum how much you love and appreciate her on Mother’s Day, it’s kind of weird that we have a specific day to remind us to share compliments with the people in our life.


World Compliment Day calls itself “the most positive day in the world”, so take advantage of your opportunity to sprinkle some of that happy dust across your workplace. Here are some compliments you can share at work today:


  • What a great idea!
  • That’s an excellent piece of work
  • You’re a really valuable member of the team
  • Thanks for that great advice
  • I really like the way you think


Sincerity is the key


Don’t set yourself a goal around giving out 3,4 or 5 compliments a day; there’s nothing affirming about receiving a hollow, insincere compliment… When complimenting a colleague consider:


  • Commenting on a behaviour or skill that you would like to emulate: “Your presentation today was really engaging; when you have a second, could you give me some tips on how to share my ideas with the team?”
  • Highlighting some of their great work: “I’ve received lots of emails about that report you put together; people really value its insights”
  • Sharing feedback on their progress: “You tackled that task with a lot of confidence, you’ve really come a long way in the last few months”

Share without expectations

Earlier in the post, we highlighted the importance of sincerity when giving out compliments. It’s also important to give compliments selflessly, without expecting anything in return. 

When you regularly share compliments with colleagues at work, you are helping to put smiles on their faces and you are contributing towards building a great workplace; you can’t receive a better compliment than that!



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