Psychological safety is the key to culture

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Blog by Jenny George, CEO, Converge International


“Psychological safety” is a complicated expression, and not everyone knows exactly what it means or how to interpret it


It’s not really about mental health; psychological safety is about having an environment in your workplace where people feel free to take risks and they trust each other.


In fact, thinking about it as a high trust culture might be a really good way, and a shorthand way, of thinking about what psychological safety means.


I’m excited to be talking about this topic at The Thriving Workplace conference being held in Sydney from 2 – 3 August. If you aren’t at the conference, you can watch an alternate version of my presentation, as featured in our short webinar:

Creating Safe Workplaces webinar

Click here to view our webinar on YouTube.


I truly believe that organisations can shift their culture from fear, blame and conflict to one that builds psychological safety. That’s one of the key approaches we take when we work with you; find out more by calling us on 1300 OUR EAP (1300 687 327).


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