The Positivity Pandemic

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At this moment in time we have two real choices. In one direction lies fear, selfishness and a desire to turn away from the world. In the opposite direction, a shining light illuminates’ humanity as people engage in selfless acts of kindness and generosity during these strange times. Here in Australia, one woman’s decision to set up a Facebook community, The Kindness Pandemic has already swelled to over half a million people. People like the schoolchildren in Lane Cove Sydney who put up signs offering to shop and help elderly people. The lady buying multiple combs in Woolworths for homeless care packs who came to the manager’s attention, so he gave them to her for free. The man, one of many, who walked into a hospital café and left $150.00 for hot drinks for the medical staff. The motorist who, on seeing another driver having problems, not only drove him to the supplier to get the part but fixed the car for him. No charge. Supermarket workers receiving free Domino’s deliveries, chocolates and thank you letters from customers. 

In the US, two young New York City residents marshalled 1,300 volunteers in just 72 hours delivering food and medicine to elderly people in New York and New Jersey. To help restaurant staff during closures.US customers have been "paying it forward" by leaving thousands of dollars in tips. Globally, we’ve seen hospitals receive major donations of money, masks and hand sanitiser, the latter from perfume and alcohol companies whose production lines were quickly repurposed. 

Meanwhile. to cheer us up there’s a feast of online entertainment, much of which we’d normally never get to see. Like New York’s Metropolitan Opera’s free live streams. Or musicians like Chris Martin, John Legend, Rufus Wainwright, Pink and others who are playing mini concerts from their homes. Do a search and you’ll be surprised, and delighted, at what you’ll find. If you want to support young artists from all over the world, an enterprising woman has set up Corona Concerts on Facebook, where you can donate to emerging performers to help keep the arts alive.  

It is possible that along with everything else, the world we are entering now is one borne of kindness. Maybe it’s about re-engaging with our tribal self and the need for community, of looking out for each other. This is when we rise, forget petty differences (or even larger ones) and uncover the best in ourselves and each other. 

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