The Power of Human Connection

Australian Psychology Week

The Power of Human Connection is the focus of Australian Psychology Week, held 11-17 November. Psychologists are trained to assist people to establish and/or deepen a person’s social skills, which are necessary to combat the growing number of people experiencing loneliness.


Loneliness is a growing concern globally, especially as it is shown to have a huge impact on people’s mental and physical health. A focus on the Power of Human Connection, is urging all Australians to ‘connect to thrive’.


Our strong social connections are important for overall mood enhancement and can help us through ‘blue’ periods, times when we need advice, or simply a distraction from the troubles in our life.


The Australian Psychological Society has also released a set of tips to help people to thrive socially. Some of these include:


Think positive – don’t overthink your social interactions


Forget comparison – quality is more important than quantity


Expect change – relationships shift over time and we may lose touch with friends who were once important.


Listen well – respond warmly, ask questions and really listen …


Help – helping someone gives a feel-good rush.


Join in – embrace opportunities to join, volunteer or participate. 


Reconnect – reach out to friends from your past.


Chat to strangers – unexpected moments of interaction can improve your mood.


Tolerate discomfort – continually reach out to others and your social skills will improve.


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