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Like other plans made before Coronavirus turned life upside down, Mother’s Day has had to be reimagined this year. Mums being mums, many will insist that you don’t worry about it and they’ll be happy with hearing your voice on the telephone. However, if you’re a family that’s always made more than a meal out of Mother’s Day, then it’s time to explore different options.

If you’re a young family who usually goes out for a meal, you can always call on Uber Eats or any of the other delivery services and have mum’s favourite food home - delivered. Missed out on ordering an online gift in time? Why not get the children together and make mum a gratitude journal on video, with everyone telling her how much she means to them? If your children aren’t speaking properly yet, you could always put cute subtitles over whatever they are saying or just film them in a beautiful moment. And don’t fret if you were last to the art store (most of which have been raided by mothers in the past couple of months anyway) and can’t deliver the perfect hand-made card. We guarantee the one that’s made out of a bit of cardboard box with a heart painted on it, or a driveway decorated with children’s chalk drawings won’t be forgotten in a hurry.


If you’re socially isolating from an elderly parent or grandparent why not drive past their house with balloons and posters, parade style. As they watch from the window, stop and leave their favourite foodie treat at the front door or even a portion of the lunch you’ll be eating later. Many elderly people haven’t quite caught up with computers or even smartphones and this way they’ll be able to see you and eat the same food you’re eating. It might be a good idea to phone them beforehand so that it’s just enough of a surprise but also something they can prepare for which is all part of the excitement. If your family is musically inclined, you may want to do what many people in the UK did for Mother’s Day: they adopted the Christmas Carol model and serenaded mothers and grandmothers on their lawns.  Your ability to do this may depend on which state you live in and what the restrictions are when Mother’s Day rolls around. 


If your elderly parents have embraced technology, then you can either deliver a meal from home or have one delivered to you and them and eat it together using Zoom or Facetime. This may not be the Mother’s Day you wanted or planned.  But with a bit of determination and creativity, it might just be one of the most memorable. For everyone who’s too far away there’s always the telephone call if no other method is available. You can always write a hand-written letter to follow up and surprise her. After all, she’s your mother forever not just for a day.  


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