This month, it’s ‘cool to be kind’

Feel Good February illustration

Random acts of kindness are forecast for the rest of the month. In 2015, the Feel Good February movement was established to encourage random acts of kindness, to ‘pay it forward’ and set a motion of goodwill.


How can you participate?


The combination of New Years’ resolutions and heatwaves puts a lot of pressure on you and your workplace. Feel Good Feb is a welcome push for positive action that has equal benefits for you and your workmates. Research shows direct links between positivity and good mental health, memory and, of course, positive workplaces. There are so many ways you can commit to kindness in your workplace, such as:


  • Buy coffee for someone you wouldn’t normally buy for

  • Distribute other people’s printing next time you’re at the printer

  • Have a list of ‘dad jokes’ that you can spill to your colleagues

  • Enjoy a big group lunch (especially invite colleagues you’ve never lunched with before)

  • Compliments go a long way. If you see someone wearing an outfit that looks good on them, say so!


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