Three ways to mo’ for men’s health


We’ve moved on from the 80s when dads everywhere sported a clean bit of top lip fur. But this November, men everywhere will be growing their mo’s to raise funds for men’s health.


The average life expectancy for men is still four years younger than women.[1]


Men’s life expectancy is still yet to catch up women’s, and with the constant awareness raising that Movember does, by 2030, they’re anticipating a reduction in the number of men dying prematurely by 25%.[2]


We must continue this game-changing work so that men live happier, healthier and longer lives. This is only possible with the support of the amazing Mo community each year, raising funds and awareness – and having fun along the way. This year, Movember has grown to include, ‘three ways to Mo’ so you can show support in a way that’s best for you;


I want to host a Mo-ment, what should I do?


1. Focus on the small wins: from long lunches to movie nights … every get-together counts.

2. Mix it up: the more fun you’re havin’, the more funds you’re likely to raise.

3. Post online: for a quick and easy way to get the word out.

4. Get planning: ask your mates to help out with simple pleasures like food and drink.

5. Ask for donations: your friends and family can donate straight to your Mo Space, or give you cash on the day. You can send cash in via cheque, or bank transfer.

6. Have fun, doin’ good: no explanation needed!


[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2018,, accessed 24 October 2018.

[2] Movember, 2018,, accessed 24 October 2018.


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