Support throughout the return-to-work process to enable workers with a physical and/or psychological injury a safe occupational rehabilitation journey.

Ergonomic Assessments
Ensuring employees have correctly set up workstations is an effective risk management strategy, and can minimise the incidence and costs of preventable workplace injuries. Ergonomic Assessments are one of many simple measures that Converge International can undertake in your workplace to improve the safety of your people.

Vocational Assessment
When an individual has an injury, illness or disability impacting on their ability to undertake the work that they were once able to perform without restriction. Vocational Assessments can be are undertaken to identify suitable alternative employment and supports required for individuals to gain alternative employment, taking consideration of their medical capacity, age, geographical location, educational and employment history, language and literacy skills, interests and transferrable skills.
Task Analysis
Task Analysis examines the key duties, skills and related subtasks that are required to perform a role within an organisation, and codes each activity according to the physical requirements and skills. It is an objective analysis of the role, not the person, which in turn can be used for a range of purposes, including OH&S training, pre-employment screening, and injury management.

Functional Capacity Assessments (FCEs)
It is often difficult to clearly identify an individual’s ability to safely undertake specific tasks within a role. Even where medical advice has been provided regarding an individual’s medical capacity for work, it may not specify their ability to perform individual tasks as these have not necessarily been tested at the time of medical reporting.

Converge International's Functional Capacity Evaluations provide an assessment of an individual’s functional ability to undertake specific task requirements of a role within the workplace to prevent and reduce the risk of injury in the future.