Benefits employees and employers by providing greater understanding of a worker’s injuries and illnesses, the impact on their capacity, and realistic timeframes for a successful return to work.

Every employer understands the impact of having a staff member off work, so the benefits of facilitating an early and supportive return to work can be just as crucial. However, achieving this is not as easy as it sounds in theory. Which is why we’ve made a name for ourselves resolving complex people problems in the workplace.

Early Intervention Return to Work (RTW) Services provide employers with assistance in understanding a worker’s injuries and illnesses, the impact on capacity, and realistic timeframes for recovery when developing a tailored return to work program that incorporates business operations, the duties involved, treatment and supports, in order to achieve an early return to work outcome.

Early Return to work services occur pre-claim or as soon as possible for non-compensable injuries or medical condition to facilitate the earliest possible RTW for an individual and to ensure the worker feels supported and does not become disengaged, which can negatively impact on the overall RTW outcome.
The benefits of engaging a Converge International early intervention specialist include:
  • Evidence has shown that the earlier a staff member returns to work, the better their recovery from a physical and psychosocial perspective
  • Early return to work outcomes have been shown to reduce financial burden on both the individual and the organisation
  • Control workers’ compensation costs by facilitating an early and sustainable return to work (injured workers who don’t return to work within 6 months have a 50 percent chance of returning to work)
  • Employers who follow an early return to work model are often successful in improving their standing as an employer of choice, staff retention rates, and general operational success
  • Proactively managing a staff member’s return to work promotes a positive workplace culture for not only the individual involved, but also the business and its employees

The delivery of our early intervention programs are characterised by:
  • Supportive and qualified allied health staff with experience in assisting with safe and progressive return to work programs.
  • Consultative and educational approach to enhance the employer and staff member’s knowledge and experience with a focus on achieving long term return to work success.
  • Tailored programs that reflect the business and individual needs.
  • A collaborative approach which benefits all parties involved.
  • Focus on timely and effective intervention strategies.