Poorly managed RTW programs can lead to increasing an individual’s time off work, which generally results in decreased productivity for the employer, a decrease in staff morale, along with increased stress (physical and mental), which can in turn increase costs of replacing staff, leave entitlements and compensation.

Businesses are increasingly aware that the specialised skills and knowledge provided by rehabilitation consultants can be a major factor in the long term the outcomes of their employees Return to Work (RTW) success. Converge International have over twenty years experience in this field and have designed and delivered programs for a whole host of organisations and individuals Australia wide.

A well-managed return to work program delivered by our consultants can:
  • Improve RTW outcomes by applying the latest research into rehabilitation best practice
  • Control workers’ compensation costs by facilitating an early and sustainable return to work (injured workers who don’t return to work within 6 months have a 50 percent chance of returning to work)
  • Reduce an individual’s sense of disillusionment or anger at the loss of physical abilities or their career
  • Foster the positive effects of work such as self-esteem, job security and social interactions
Our consultants are:
  • Qualified allied health professionals who possess current and extensive experience in delivering occupational rehabilitation support to business
  • Active in facilitating the process by providing strategies to the employer and supporting the individual to return to work in a safe environment, taking into consideration factors such as medical capacity, suitability and availability of duties, workplace supports or modification requirements, business operational needs and the working relationship between key stakeholders involved in the RTW process
  • Utilise current medical research to provide education to the employer, treaters, and the employee on best practice strategies and timeframes to support people back to work – our experience has shown that keeping up with current medical findings greatly improves the working relationship between us and the treaters in progressing treatment goals, with the focus being a return to work
  • Flexible in our approach to ensure that each situation is treated.