Returning individuals to work with a new employer after an injury or illness presents a unique set of challenges for all involved.

During this sometimes overwhelming time, our consultants seek to restore their confidence through vocational and job placement programs, in order to achieve a durable and safe return to meaningful employment.

Job seeking is demanding at the best of times – imagine what it’s like when you have just experienced a significant injury or illness?

With this in mind, our New Employer Services are distinguished by a supportive and down-to-earth approach that achieves outcomes for agents, employers and individuals alike.

  • We provide New Employer RTW Services that are known to:
  • Deliver cost-effective, goal-oriented, individualised solutions which focus on finding long term employment which is right for the client, and not simply a quick-fix solution
  • Minimise the impact that loss of employment can have on self-esteem and wellbeing
  • Provide a basis for clients to regain their financial independence and support themselves and others
  • Ensure each client is provided encouragement and opportunities to re-enter the workforce
New Employer RTW Assistance programs are delivered by consultants who are trained and experienced in vocational employment services, which specifically involves:
  • Assessing work experience, educational background, transferrable skills, geographical location, job interests and labour market trends to determine a suitable vocational pathway in line with medical capacity

  • Assistance in identifying retraining required to improve employability through the acquisition of new skills, particularly if an individual has limited transferrable skills for suitable employment

  • Support and coaching in key job seeking areas, such as resume development, application letter development, interview skills where and how to apply for work, and active job canvassing on behalf of the client is performed