Converge International can help you return to work with the support of professional, experienced and supportive Occupational Rehabilitation Services

Returning to work after illness or injury can be hard, and you may face many emotional and physical changes as an individual and in the workplace. Converge International will help you achieve a safe, positive and supportive transition as you return to the work environment.

Are you returning to work with your pre-injury employer?
Returning to work after illness involves a step-by-step process just like the recovery from an illness does, our experienced staff are qualified allied health professionals who have extensive industry experience will guide you through this process. We will work with you, your employer and your treater to provide you support and education about the return to work process.

We conduct thorough assessments of your workplace to identify suitable duties, in keeping with your functional and psychological capacity.

We will assist you by developing strategies that will enable you to return to work, whilst gradually building your work fitness.

A supported return to work will assist you to minimise the negative impacts an injury can cause including family unrest, financial burden, feelings of helplessness and social isolation.

Are you returning to work with a new employer?
Is it time for you to gain the skills and confidence to seek and secure new employment?

Our experienced vocational and recruitment consultants can assist you to find new employment when you are unable to return to work with your pre-injury employer.

Converge International provide support and coaching to equip you with the skills required to gain new employment. We will complete an assessment of your work history, skills, interests and capacity, to determine the most suitable employment for you. Our services may also include assisting you to undertake retraining to gain new employment.

Finding new employment can be an unsettling task, often with tough competition for new roles. Converge International will pair you with an experienced Consultant to provide you with the skills and insider industry knowledge that other job seekers won’t have!
“Converge International has been extremely helpful, supportive, thorough and positive during our time working together. My Consultant showed extreme professionalism and prompt service and although my duties with my employer are not sustainable, I would not be where I am today without my Consultant. I now feel comfortable with Occupational Rehabilitation Services and I look forward to now commencing NES with Converge International”
- A.W. (WorkCover Client)

“I appreciate the fact you understood the complications of the task you were given. Too many people use the term “ move on” as a method of denying what the situation is and not consider the issues. Thank you for all your help in the last 6 months. It really helped me to get the job and be successful in the interview”
- A.C. (TAC Client)

“Your Consultant is very good at what he does and has been of valuable assistance in keeping us all safe and well”
- C.S (Employer)