Conflict Coaching works to develop skills, knowledge and competencies to more effectively resolve or and manage a dispute or an interpersonal conflict. It’s a proactive way to achieve goals and to solve problems.

Conflict Coaching is suitable for employees at all levels. It is generally recommended for:

  • Individuals seeking support to manage a conflict to which they are a party, including participants in a mediation or facilitated discussion
  • Managers seeking expert input and support to manage a conflict in the workplace

A key factor for success is that the coachee is willing to explore key behaviours, values, strategies and competencies that could hold the key to resolution or prevention of negative conflict in the workplace.

Conflict Coaching is focussed on:

  • Clarifying the issues
  • Reflecting on all perspectives of the conflict
  • Exploring expectations
  • Exploring own and others’ behaviour and communication styles
  • Implementing change through authentic application in the workplace

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