Conflict Resolution Training Programs include:

Managing Difficult Interactions & People
This program provides skills and strategies for people who work in environments where they many interact with people, in person and on the phone, where someone is highly emotional - upset, angry or aggressive. The program allows participants to reflect on why an interaction may be difficult and gives an´╗┐ opportunity for practicing positive communication skills which will assist with defusing difficult interactions and behaviour with the aim of providing a positive outcome for all.

Positive Workplace Communication
In the program, participants complete the StyleMap(TM) questionnaire to learn about their communication style. The program also includes discussion of key elements of effective communication and why it is important, plus tips and strategies for improving workplace communication.

Courageous Conversations
In the workplace there are situations that at times will require you to have challenging or courageous conversations with another person. This program provides participants with a framework for structuring a courageous conversation and skills practice within the session.
Positive Conflict Resolution
Workplace conflict has many effects, including stress, reduced productivity, reduced team work and communication skills. These lead to dysfunctional teams and reduced individual engagement in the workplace. This program assists participants to increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence as a means to understand reasons and triggers for conflict and positive strategies to resolve conflict when it arises.

It’s a Matter of Respect
Every member of staff is required by law to be trained in this critical subject. There are seven specific behaviours outlined in health & safety and anti-discrimination legislation which staff need to be aware of. Each of them has a duty of care to self and to taking responsibility for their behaviour. This program helps staff members understand their obligations, learn which work practices constitute inappropriate behaviour and learn how to utilise a "best practice" Issue Resolution process.

Negotiating & Influencing Skills
Negotiating and influencing skills are integral components of a leader's toolkit and can be developed through practice. This program is designed to be experiential with role plays and case studies to allow managers and leaders to develop confidence in being able to negotiate positive outcomes and influence others positively.

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