Converge International’s People Assist EAP Program is a holistic, customer-focused and quality-assured service delivered within a contemporary health and wellbeing framework. The People Assist program offers a flexible service model that can be adapted to the changing needs of the workplace environment meeting the needs of all target audiences within the work environment. It provides strategies and support to employees and managers, across the spectrum of personal and work-based issues that have the ability to impact on their effectiveness.

A Converge International People Assist program provides short-term and solutions focussed counselling which aims to support and empower employees and members of their families through a variety of best practice counselling approaches and frameworks to assist in resolving personal and work-based issues.

Counselling approaches used in the People Assist Program and related streams implement the core counselling skills of attending, questioning, paraphrasing, summarising, reflection of content and feeling, and confrontation. Short-term, solutions focussed approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Positive Psychology are supported in conjunction with other therapies as required.

Converge provides traditional EAP offsite at professional office locations. However we also have many clients who choose, either temporarily or permanently, to offer EAP sessions onsite at their own premises. This could be because their worksite is remote, their workforce is less likely to self-refer to an EAP offsite, the organisation is going through major change or because they want to provide greater convenience for their employees.

At Converge we are committed to ensuring that we deliver the highest value EAP service. We collect feedback from all our clients so that we can improve our service and measure our effectiveness in helping each client and reducing absenteeism and presenteeism. We report this aggregated data back to each company. We have also developed an Australian-specific Return on Investment Calculator that helps you estimate the value from your EAP program and compare the benefit in real measurable dollar savings against other investments.

Call one of our Client Relationship Managers on 1300 687 327 today for a free demonstration of our ROI calculator and see what our EAP can do for your business.
Employee Assist
Support and counselling for a broad range of personal and work related issues.

Manager Assist
Coaching and advice to assist with a variety of people management issues and develop your leadership competencies.

Family Assist

Counselling for family members needing support across personal and/or lifestyle concerns. 

Legal Assist 
Up to 2 sessions of expert legal support and advice across family law, tenancy/renting, real estate, consumer disputes and more.

Career Assist
Career development and planning, resume and job seeking assistance, interview skills, vocational counselling.

Conflict Assist
Strategies, tools and coaching to deal with difficult workplace and personal situations.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Assist
Specialist advice across nutrition, sleep, resilience, mindfulness, addictive behaviours, retirement planning and positive lifestyle changes.

Money Assist
Financial counselling to help you work through financial wellbeing concerns.