Do you need to justify investments in your EAP program?

The EAP ROI calculator helps you quantify the value of the program even assuming that only a subset of employees use the service. Converge sends short surveys to clients both at the beginning and end of their EAP intervention that specifically ask them about their absences from work or level of distraction while at work caused by the issue they are seeking help for. These surveys allow us to drill down specifically for your own company (provided you have enough employees using the service) or at an industry wide level to find the productivity savings that the Converge EAP program has provided you.

No other Australian EAP program commits to such rigorous and individualised measurement of effectiveness.
For more information:

  1. Access our White Paper outlining the methodology behind the calculator, through our Research page

  2. Download our flyer

or, to have a live demonstration, talk to a client relationship manager by calling 1300 687 327.