Research indicates that 37% of Australians feel lonely at work. Almost half of Australian workers who have experienced workplace loneliness say they are more likely to withdraw from their colleagues (49%), their overall wellbeing suffers (47%) and they are less engaged with the workplace vision and values (46%). The personal toll loneliness takes on workers does not end here. Around two in five Australian workers feel less productive (40%) and are more likely to make mistakes at work (38%) or get sick (36%).


Think about how much responsibility that puts on you, particularly in a highly regulated workplace or FIFO situation. Onsite support can help you meet those responsibilities, taking the workplace temperature and alerting you to issues.

With over 60 years of working onsite, we know that pro-active early intervention doesn’t just improve your balance sheet with more productive employees: it saves you money in claims. More importantly, it saves lives through preventing psychologically driven accidents.

How is Integrated Onsite Support different from EAP?
EAP relies on self-reporting: your onsite support professional is proactively able to identify issues. Our expert onsite support team support you and your workers by creating and encouraging an environment that

1) prevents harm

2) promotes positive mental health and wellbeing

3) manages immediate psychological and emotional needs


How does it work?

Converge Integrated Onsite Support provides counselling, resources, awareness sessions and crisis response. Through regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits, we embed specialised onsite practitioners into your environment. Because our professionals are already onsite and walking-the-floor, they develop informal relationships which, over time, develop into trusted relationships. We know from experience that people who would not usually ask for help will confide in our onsite team. All conversations are confidential, and our people work closely with the other support services in your organisation. Through this open and inclusive approach, we gain insight into the workplace culture, and further contribute by finding opportunities to shape behaviour in a positive way

Integrated Onsite Support can reach places EAP can’t including

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What about crisis situations?
In disaster situations the onsite consultant is a lifesaver who needs no briefing or preparation to act immediately, because they’re part of the environment. With training in psychological first aid, they are quickly able to identify risks and encourage people to seek support. They work closely with other critical incident professionals to ensure good communication and response during a crisis. 
Your Converge onsite consultant is a powerful, visible and symbolic reminder of management investing in their people’s health and wellbeing. 

Customisable and Adaptable 
There are several service configuration options including Workplace Community Connector, Sessional Counselling and Coaching, and Multi-Disciplinary Flexible.  Also, when requested, the Converge Integrated Onsite model can provide Pastoral and Spiritual Care support and broader workplace community care services. 

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