Productive teams, where each member is engaged, supported and empowered to do their best work are the goal. But, roadblocks can get in the way: conflicting styles, competing interests, differing agendas, personality clashes or poor communication skills can all impact on team cohesion and ultimately organisational effectiveness.

Converge International works with your staff to understand their perceptions of key issues and interpersonal dynamics in their workplace.

Our experienced staff recommend ways to positively address and resolve these issues to reduce the impacts of potential psychological risk (if present), improve staff wellbeing and functioning and enhance staff and team alignment with an organisation’s values.

As an external provider, Converge International delivers balanced, independent and unbiased insights and strategies to get your teams back on the path to positive collaboration and delivering organisational success.

To learn more about our organisational and team assessments, please contact our Leadership, Culture and Change team by email at or call 1300 687 327.