Organisational effectiveness is dependent on a myriad of factors in the workplace. Cohesive teams, where individuals combine in harmony to contribute to overall function and productivity, are key to an organisation's success.

Like the duck who we see gliding effortlessly across the pond, but is actually paddling furiously underneath, it can be difficult to understand what is going on beneath the surface in our organisations, even when superficially things might seem ‘fine’. However extending the metaphor, we often see the ripples indicating something is amiss, but need an objective perspective to understand what is happening beneath the surface.

The Workplace Wellbeing Assessment process is a voluntary, non-punitive approach that seeks to identify any presenting or underlying issues or concerns and determine options and recommendations for mitigating risk (where evident) for the future benefit of the organisation and its employees.

Workplace Wellbeing Assessments can be commissioned for a range of reasons, but primarily because one or more of the following needs have been identified:
  • To identify and assess indicators of team dysfunction
  • To diagnose the underlying reasons for staff turnover, absences or compensation claims
  • To audit staff perspectives of their workplace
  • To identify unacceptable workplace behaviours or conflict triggers
  • To determine the reach of particular concerns raised by staff to assess alignment of staff practices with stated values or strategic direction, or
  • To develop practical strategies to address identified issues
  • As a proactive measure as part of a strategic plan to maximise organisational effectiveness
Workplace Wellbeing Assessments provide an organisation with information about what is impacting on function and wellbeing of a team or whole organisation.

Workplace Wellbeing Assessments also send a clear signal to staff that the organisation is committed to creating a safe, positive and productive workplace.

At Converge International we understand that no organisation or team is the same and our Wellbeing Assessment process reflects this by taking a structured but individually tailored approach.

Here are some of the key features that can be tailored to meet your needs:
  • Every Wellbeing Assessment is independent, confidential (protecting the anonymity of participants), non-punitive, and voluntary (though some clients may request participation from staff)
  • Information from staff/stakeholders can be gathered using a range of methods, including and most commonly 1:1 interviews (in person or over the phone) and surveys
  • Preparation of a "Summary Assessment Report" at the conclusion of the data collection phase, which outlines high level themes, items of positive leverage, risks, employee suggestions for improvement and recommendations for organisational development
  • Focus groups may be utilised to gain more specific information about identified areas of risk and to engage staff in the exploration of potential solutions

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