A Psychosocial Risk Assessment identifies and assesses known organisational psychosocial risk factors that can negatively impact employee health and wellbeing.

Where psychosocial hazards exist, employees are at risk of disengagement and reduced productivity, thereby reducing organisational effectiveness and creating significant occupational health and safety risk to the organisation.

A Psychosocial Risk Assessment may be undertaken with teams or the whole organisation, in response to risks being identified, such as stress or bullying claims, or as a proactive measure to meet optimum levels of occupational health and safety. 

Lost productivity, staff absences and turnover is a costly exercise for any organisation. The many hours provided by senior personnel to manage psychosocial risks on an ad hoc basis is a significant application of time and salary that may best be spent elsewhere by the organisation.




Mental stress (psychosocial injury) claims amount to approximately 20% of all workers compensation claims, yet these are the most expensive types of claims and usually involve a lengthy periods of workers absence.

There is a significant return on investment from building a mentally healthy workplace. Figures show that every $1 an organisation spends on resourcing and creating a mentally healthy workplace generates a benefit of $2.30.

Our assessments systematically assist the organisation to gain clarity of specific areas that may, or are, placing team members at risk. We rate the levels of risk, provide a risk matrix and make recommendations for improvement to inform planning, strategy and/or organisational decision making. We can also assist with implementation of suggested change.

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