EAP Plus is a suite of manager referred support services and assessments for staff members who may require additional support beyond what is provided through Converge International’s People Assist streams.

As a part of the EAP Plus suite, we offer a range of support services and assessments including:

Where an organisation is seeking to refer an employee for either a breach of an organisational policy or an incident related to drugs or alcohol, in order to reduce risk to the individual and organisation immediately and into the future.


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  • Risk Assessment


    A thorough examination through both psychometric assessment and a detailed interview, to identify areas of potential risk, when an employee’s behaviour is noted to be unusual, eg, increased absenteeism, being emotional at work or changed behaviour, there has been a significant incident in the workplace or disruptive change to the work environment, or as a support for people who work in high risk occupations

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  • Fitness for Duties Assessment 


    Where an organisation is seeking to gain an understanding about an individual’s status in relation to their capacity to perform their role (psychologically) or return to work following a period of absence.


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Where a manager refers an employee who is believed to be under some level of duress. This service offers an independent ‘check in’ with employees to determine if intervention is required.

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  • Workplace Behaviour Coaching

    A supportive early intervention coaching service that enables managers to support employees to improve their work performance in line with mutually agreed goals or expected outcomes. Type of presenting issues might include: absenteeism or tardiness, quality or quantity of work, safety concerns, erratic, disruptive or negative workplace behaviours, personal issues impacting work, communication style, other performance issues.         


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  • Extended Counselling

    Where an employer identifies a need for ongoing external and professional support for an employee, they may refer the individual for counselling for a defined number of sessions. Goals for counselling are generally established by the consultant with the employee.

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  • Violence Risk Assessment

    Designed to support an individual who has engaged in violent behaviour at work by assisting them through a behaviour change process that aims to prevent further violent behaviour.

To refer and authorise your staff member to access the Violence Risk Assessment, please complete the online Referral Form below:

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All staff accessing these services must be referred by their employer. To refer and authorise your staff member to one of the EAP Plus support services or assessments, please complete the online Referral Form below: 

Terms and Conditions

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