Sometimes your people need to speak with a counsellor or psychologist. General Defusing differs from critical incident service delivery because it is in response to a planned or known situation such as a restructure or major corporate change. That means that even though there may be time sensitivity around a general defusing, there is more of an opportunity to plan, ensure the right people are in the room and give our professional consultants the background to the situation to enable them to prepare.

A general defusing can be with a group or there can be a number of one on one meetings with impacted individuals. Our consultants use a psychological first aid approach to help ensure participants get the support they need. Participants are not coerced into talking about the situation if they don’t want to but are provided with the space and time to discuss anything they wish. Our consultants use the general defusing time to assess any risks to individuals or the organisation and provide feedback to the organisation about these risks in a report that is sent within a week of the defusing.
General Defusings with mental health experts can minimise risks you didn't even consider.

We have encountered a situation in which a "routine" restructuring within an organisation unexpectedly tipped one employee over the edge. Already struggling with mental health issues, this employee became acutely suicidal. Because our consultants are familiar with these signs they were able to pick up on this risk, immediately escalate the issue and ensure that the employee received the support they needed.

To use our consultants for general defusings within your organisation, please contact 1300 687 327.