"What is psychometric assessment?"

SafeSelect Psychometric assessments are used:

  • in  selection and recruitment to help employers better understand potential employees and their suitability to a certain role.

  • in the workplace to help organisations better support issue resolution, or to assess employee general wellbeing (typically in conjunction with other Converge International Services).

Psychometric assessments provide a standardised measure of your abilities, personality preferences and behaviour. This means the results provide an objective insight into your potential, based on your personality, behavioural preferences and cognitive ability.

"What types of assessments will I be asked to complete?"

SafeSelect provide a range of assessments. The most commonly provided are the Cognitive Ability assessment, and the Behavioural Assessment.

You will typically receive an email invitation advising to complete either one, or more of the assessments below:

1) A cognitive ability assessment - Measures verbal comprehension, numerical reasoning and problem solving. This involves a series of puzzles, which requires you to move through a series of modules or ‘games’ to complete the assessment.

2) A personality and behaviour assessment – This is a multiple choice assessment, which is comprised of four questionnaires, each measuring different aspects of your personality, behavioural preferences and work style.

There are no right or wrong answers
The type of questions will differ but this is one example:

  • People tend to be successful mostly by working hard.
  • People who achieve things in life are mainly those who tend to have good luck.

"How long will the assessment take?"

1) The cognitive ability assessment
- consists of several games or puzzles that are individually timed. Each game or puzzle only takes up to five minutes. Depending on the type of tests assigned, may take approximately 30  minutes overall to complete all tests, though there are no restrictions on how many times you can repeat the tutorials before each game. Note you can take a break between tests.

2) The personality and behaviour assessment
– is untimed, and you can take breaks at any time, though many complete it in approximately one hour. If you do take breaks, you can see your progress when you log in and between sessions


Although you may be able to complete both the assessments within 90 minutes, we recommend you allow extra time without distraction to set up the assessment, read through the instructions, and ensure you are not rushed in the process.

"Is there a cost or fee I have to pay?"

There is no fee to pay for the assessment itself.

Some employers may pass on the cost of completing a supervised assessment at a remote location, though they will notify you beforehand if that is the case.

When completing the Cognify assessment, you may find additional tests on the Revelian site, some at a cost. These tests are for personal use. The results will NOT be provided to SafeSelect or your employer, and will NOT contribute towards your assessment.

“I have already completed online assessments.
Why do I have to do them again?”

There are several different assessments to complete, so whilst you may have finished one assessment recently, it may not be all that is required at this time. There are other factors to consider as well.

If in any doubt, there is no penalty for completing the assessments again, as your latest results will be the results provided.


Results may be more than 12 months old

Assessment results are valid for 12 months. If it has been more than 12 months since you last completed an assessment, we will ask you to repeat the assessment.


Details may not match

Your information provided for this assessment may not completely match the information provided at the last assessment. You will have the opportunity to update your online details immediately after clicking that you agree to the Informed Consent.

However you may still have to complete the assessments due to the following reasons.


Revelian Cognify requires permission

It may be that you have completed the Revelian Cognify assessment in the past. When you proceed with the Cognify assessment, you may be identified, and asked to enter your password. Once done, you will be asked to consent to release of any results completed within the last 12 months.

If you have completed all the assessments within the last 12 months, you will then be able to progress to any other assessments required. However, if your test results are more than 12 months old, or you did not complete all the tests being required this time, then there will be some tests to do.


SafeSelect Behavioural Assessment may differ

When sitting the assessments again, there may be subtle differences in some of the questions, or in the way the assessments are processed. If we find there is a noticeable difference in your old assessment compared to candidates currently being tested for the same position, we will ask you to complete the assessment again to ensure a fair result.

"Can I prepare for the assessments?"

Cognitive Ability Assessment

This assessment is designed to measure abilities that don’t rely on any specific knowledge, so it’s not something you can effectively study for. Completing the tutorials and reading all instructions carefully will help you prepare.

When you access the cognitive ability assessment, you will be asked to complete a number of mini-games. Prior to each mini-game you will complete a practice round. It is a requirement that you pass the practice round before you are able to go on to complete the actual assessment. This ensures you understand how to use the program and are capable of completing the assessment. You can repeat the practice assessment as often as needed until you feel ready to proceed.

Personality and Behaviour Assessment

This assessment is based on your preferences, values and beliefs and therefore there isn’t any preparation you can do prior to the assessment. We recommend that you answer all questions honestly, and go with your ‘gut feel’ and first instinct when answering the questions. It’s best to move through the questions relatively quickly. Generally your first response will be the most accurate.

"What kind of environment should I be in to complete the assessment?"

We recommend the following conditions for when you complete the assessments:

  • Ensure you are comfortable, relaxed and well rested and wearing any required glasses or contact lenses.

  • You are in a quiet environment that is free from distractions and interruptions (e.g. noise, phones, other people) and have turned off your mobile phone.

  • Not suffering from any temporary illness or condition that would prevent you from doing your best on the assessments.

  • Not affected by alcohol or other drugs that would prevent you from doing your best on the assessments.

  • Not receiving help from others when answering assessment questions.

If completing assessments as part of a job application, be aware that you will not be able to complete the same tests again for 12 months.

"What is the Informed Consent for Suitability Assessment Agreements?"

To complete the assessment it is necessary for you to agree with the terms of the Informed Consent for Suitability Assessment.

This form outlines all of the terms and conditions of participating in the assessment. If you don’t agree with the terms and conditions, please click on theDo not Agree’ button. Please note however you will not be able to proceed with the assessment if you click this button.

To agree with the terms and conditions and proceed to the assessment, please click on the 'Agree' button.

"How can I update my personal details?"

On acceptance of the agreement, you will see a screen showing your First and Last Name, Date of Birth and Gender. If your details do not match your Drivers Licence or Passport, click on Edit and amend. This is your only opportunity to amend, and cannot be done later.

Safe Select Check Details Image

"What are the security questions for?

Some employers may ask you to re-enter the three security questions at the interview, to verify you completed the test.

Type your answer to the three security questions in the space provided.

Once completed and you have checked that your details are correct, click on the 'Submit' button.

"What are the Background Statements?"

You will need to complete 7 statements on your background information. These are:

  1. “I am an Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander”. You should respond Yes if you are confident that an elder or a formal representative of the Aboriginal community will certify that you are known to them as being Aboriginal.

  2. “I have done the same job for a different employer”. This means you have worked as a «Position_Name» somewhere else. Now click on either Yes or No.

  3. “I have been employed in this job at this organisation in the past”. This means you have been employed as a «Position_Name» by «Company_Name» in the past. Now click on either Yes or No.

  4. “I have applied for this job at this organisation in the past”. This means that you have applied to be employed as a «Position_Name» by «Company_Name» in the past. Now click on either Yes or No.

  5. “I am a current employee at this organisation”. You should click on Yes if you are now employed with «Company_Name» in a different role.

  6. “I am applying for a supervisory/management job”. If you are a «Position_Name» applicant, please click on No. If you are applying for a management role, click on Yes.

  7. “I am from a culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) background”. CaLD people are those who are born overseas in countries in which English is not the main language and whose cultural norms and values differ. Now click on either Yes or No.

    1. Only if you responded Yes to the previous statement, please answer the following question:

      • “I have always spoken English as my main language”. If English has not always been the main language spoken by you, it is to your advantage to indicate this by responding “No”. Now click on either Yes or No.

    2. Only if you responded No to the previous statement, please answer the final two questions:

      • “How many years of school did you complete in an English speaking country?” and

      • “How long have you spoken mainly English at work?”

In the blank area for Education, fill in the number of years you completed. If, for example, you did Year 10 and then part of Year 11, you would enter 10. If you did one year of schooling after high school, such as TAFE or University, enter 13; if you completed two years, type in 14, and so on. The same applies for apprenticeships – if you did a four year apprenticeship after completing year 10 at high school, you should write down 14. Don’t include Prep, Kindergarten or any other form of pre-schooling in this calculation. Instead, view Year 1 or Grade 1 as your first year of full time education and count from there. We are collecting this information for statistical purposes only and it will play no role in the selection process. After typing in your years of education, click on Submit.

"How can I find out about the progress of my application?"

For questions regarding the application process and stage of your application, please contact the organisation that requested you to complete this assessment.

"Can I get feedback on my test results?"

The assessment has been designed to assess psychological risk, and has not been intended to be used for personal development purposes. For this reason, no feedback of any form will be provided by the Organisation or by SafeSelect. This is outlined in the Informed Consent form, which you agreed to prior to commencing the assessments, and forms a legally binding contract. Please refer to the below clause from the Informed Consent Form:


9. The test questions, the system for scoring and interpreting my answers and the report provided to the Organisation have been developed by SafeSelect. All this information is commercially sensitive and confidential. For this reason I understand that I will not receive a copy of a report or feedback of any kind, either in writing, or by telephone, or in person from the Organisation or SafeSelect about my results on these tests.

"How is the psych testing data used in the selection process?"

Any type of suitability testing is only one part of an overall selection process. The decision to advance your application is made based on integrating numerous types of information. The assessment is only one factor in an organisation’s hiring process.

"Can I complete the SafeSelect assessments more than once in 12 months?"

In most cases, no, you cannot complete the same assessments within 12 months. The results of the SafeSelect assessments are valid for 12 months, and you can only complete the assessment once during this period. If in future you apply for a role with another organisation who is a SafeSelect client, the results of the assessments completed in the 12 month period prior can be given to that client.

As different organisations may require different types of assessments, you may be sent a request to complete those sections not prior completed. This would be the only exception to the rule.

"If I was unsuccessful in applying to one organisation, does that mean that I am automatically going to be unsuccessful if I apply to a different organisation?"

No, previous outcomes of past applications do not affect your chances of obtaining a different role with a different organisation.

All hiring managers undertake different selection and recruitment processes and are looking for different capabilities in new employees, dependent on the organisation and role. Hiring managers consider a wide range of information about an employee, with psychometric assessment being only one source of data.

Also, the pool of applicants you are compared against in your next application will almost certainly be different from the pool you were compared against in the past. Compared with this pool, you may be more suitable for the role.

"I applied to one type of organisation and I was unsuccessful. I am applying for another job at a different organisation within twelve months. How will my tests results be used?"

SafeSelect has norms - or standards – against which applicants’ results are measured. These have been developed from a large number of Australian candidates who have applied for the same type of job. If, for example, you applied for a job in policing, and you are now applying for a job as a fire fighter your profile will be re-analysed. This is because these standards – or norms – are different for different professions.

"What are the system requirements for the assessments?"


  • The assessments work best on a laptop or desktop computer. The computer can be Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac based.
  • The assessments may also be completed on most smart phones and tablets that can access a web browser, preferably Google Chrome
  • A reliable Internet connection
  • Google Chrome is the recommended browser. Google Chrome can be downloaded here.
  • Pop-up blockers are disabled (turned off)
  • Do not use Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge as your browser.
    These internet browsers are not supported.

"Can I do the assessments on a mobile or tablet?"

In most cases, yes. As you access the assessments via a web browser, use your mobile, tablet or touch screen computer to access the test with your Google Chrome web browser.

"I’ve been logged out what do I do?"

If you are logged out of the application, please click on the link provided to access your test to log back in. If the application displays the ‘Log Out’ page, this indicates that all tests are complete.

You can send an email to if you are unsure.

"The internet connection failed. Will I be penalised?"


No, but please try to reconnect immediately and continue.
If the internet connection dropped out midway through a timed Cognify game, you will have the remaining time to complete ie if the internet dropped out 2 minutes into a 4 minute game, when you log in and return to the game, you will have 2 minutes left on the timer to complete the game.


If the internet dropped out midway through the Behavioural assessment, you will be returned to the last page of questions you were completing. All prior pages will be recorded.


"I do not remember my Revelian Cognify password, or do not remember doing this test in the past”


The Revelian Cognify test is used by a wide range of employers, and the records may go back over a decade. The quickest way to resolve is to click Forgot password, and a new password will be sent to your inbox, so you can proceed. 

"I am not being redirected from the Revelian Cognify Assessment to the Behavioural Assessment"

If your invite email stated you were completing both assessments, once you complete the Revelian Cognify assessment, a message will appear advising you are being redirected. This may take 3-5 minutes to re-direct. If nothing changes after 5 minutes, close the browser window, and click on the link in your email invite. This should take you to the start of the personality and behaviour assessment.

"Do I have to answer all the questions in the personality/behavioural tests?"

Yes. For SafeSelect to produce a valid profile on your personality and behavioural preferences, we need you to answer every question in the assessment. Please note you can change your answers at any time. If you have missed answering a question, you will be prompted to complete these questions before you finish and submit the test.

"Cognitive Ability Assessment"

For further assistance completing the Revelian Cognify assessments, contact our Revelian Technical Specialists directly via

"Personality and Behaviour Assessment and General Assessment Queries"

For further assistance regarding the SafeSelect Behavioural assessments, or any general queries about the overall process, contact our SafeSelect team directly via: