SafeSelect measures a candidate’s cognitive ability with a tool called “Cognify”.


Cognify is a cognitive ability assessment tool that guides the candidate through a range of gamified assessments. Each assessment is interactive, allowing for a more engaging and immersive candidate experience. More traditional abilities assessments rely on the candidate providing single answers to each question; due to the interactive nature of Cognify, thousands of pieces of data are captured, providing more reliable results which are representative of a broader scope of a candidate’s ability to learn and understand new information.


Cognify measures a range of cognitive abilities:


  • Problem Solving measures a candidate’s ability to control their attention to solve problems without having any prior knowledge. This assessment covers abilities such as induction, general sequential reasoning and quantitative reasoning, and suggests how quickly a candidate can learn on the job. An overview of a candidate’s problem solving skills can provide an indication around their short and long-term job performance
  • Numerical reasoning measures a candidate’s breadth of knowledge and ability to work with quantitative problems. This assessment highlights their understanding of mathematical symbols and processes and their ability to accurately complete mathematical tasks
  • Verbal knowledge measures a candidate’s knowledge of written language. This assessment covers spelling, grammar, reading speed and identifying spelling errors




This assessment has been developed to meet the needs of organisations recruiting for high-risk work environments, specifically in workplaces where employees:


  • Need to manage heightened emotions
  • May face the threat of violence
  • May need to use force
  • Work with vulnerable individuals


The Risk Prediction Index has been designed to manage the risks to the safety of employees, client organisations and the community. This assessment measures personality and behavioural preferences to provide an overall risk rating for the individual job applicant. The SafeSelect report provides insights into potential risk areas, with recommendations specific to each candidate.


Clients using this tool receive unique interview guides to be used in conjunction with our reports, providing guidance around exploring the possible risk areas of specific job candidates.


The Risk Prediction Index is a holistic tool, made up of five assessments measuring cognitive and personality dimensions:


  • Ability to learn and understand - This measures a person’s ability to learn new information and to think in a creative or flexible way when under pressure
  • Working with others - A measure of personality and behavioural characteristics, indicating how effectively the candidate interacts with others
  • Work Style - This indicates how an individual is likely to behave at work and includes measures of personality and behavioural tendencies, such as the individual’s attitude toward authority, their ability to follow the rules and their levels of patience and persistence
  • Psychological Adjustment - A measure of whether an individual has any psychological vulnerabilities which could influence their level of risk for safely performing the role
  • Self Control – This indicates whether an individual has any potential self-control challenges including managing anger, engaging in alcohol or drug use, participating in gambling, acting with impulsiveness or facing legal difficulties


The RPI is based on over 30 years of research, and has been specifically developed and normed for public safety roles. The RPI has been used to assess over 158,000 Australian public safety applicants and has been uniquely normed for different industries. Our system is representative of ‘best practice’, meeting or exceeding scientific standards for reliability and validity.


The Applicant Suitability Matrix (ASM) assesses the suitability of applicants for roles where staff work with vulnerable people or where staff have a responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of others. The ASM combines multiple sources of data about a candidate including:


  • A screening interview
  • A personality and behaviour assessment, which generates a risk profile for the candidate. The ASM measures personality and behaviour characteristics including:
  1. Working with others – This indicates how effectively the candidate will be able to interact with others and work in a team environment
  2. Work style This indicates highlights how an individual is likely to behave at work and approach their work tasks
  3. Emotional control – This indicates how an individual is likely to respond to stressful situations at work and how they manage their emotions during these times
  • Tailored interview guides
  • Behavioural observation checklist
  • An overall risk rating
  • A reference checking system


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